April 2009
Performing asphalt’s womb in Teatro la Fenice
April 2009
Moved to Austria
August 2008
He had been chosen by ZEIL 1 KUNST  Euro-Art-Network (Austria)
 to participate in 2008 symposium and workshop, and had been Nominated by the Egyptian ministry of culture and Cairo Opera house.
May 2008
Invited by Musik der Jahrhunderte and Shanghai conservatory of music to participate in the (5th. conference) Global-interplay conferences.
July 2007
Graduated from Cairo Conservatory "composition and conducting department" with honor distinction.
February 2007
his symphonic poem the martyr of invading Badr was performed in the finale of the Arab perspective festival by the Cairo symphonic Orchestra.
July 2006
had been invited by Musik der Jahrhunderte to participate in the International society of contemporary music festival in Stuttgart and his piece "White" was performed in the theatre house in Stuttgart by Frankfurt ensemble for modern music.
March 2006
Had been invited by Musik der Jahrhunderte In Stuttgart to perform one of his works at University of arts Berlin (der UDK)
February 2006
One of his composition has been chosen by the national Stuttgart academy ensemble for contemporary music to be performed at the small hall of the Cairo opera house.
February 2006
his concerto for Bassoon, strings, Percussion witch was performed at the opening of Arabs Perspectives music festival and which is the first composition to be written by an Egyptian or Arab composer for this instrument.
February 2006
Participated to The Identity and creativity Conference in Cairo Opera House through Global-interplay project and conferences. (2nd. conference)
January 2006
He was commissioned by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts' center to composer a work for the BA Chamber Orchestra which was entitled "The man from the Other side of a story".
Obtained the project of Global-interplay.
received a scholarship from the UNESCO for artistic creativity through the supreme council of culture.
won the Gamal Abdel Rehim prize for the genius musical of Egypt for the composition of a choral work for the children.
He had composed music for various music plays like Faust, the knight & the hostage, Jrinica & the short various 2D & 3D cartoon films.
he obtained best composition prize for his music in the theatre play the knight & the hostage from the Egyptian supreme council of universities.
Won the prize for composition from the Egyptian supreme council of culture.
Obtained the prize of best music arrangement from the International song festival, Cairo.
Joined the Cairo conservatory (Academy of arts) in composition and conducting department.
Graduated from Faculty of Music Education Helwan University
Became a founding member of Acapella Choir, of Egyptian Opera House
Started Jazz and Bass Guitar lessons with Vassili Shenkainko And Ahmed Anwar.
Joined the Faculty of Music Education Helwan University, Cello department.
Back to Cairo.
6 April 1977
Born in Kuwait.