5 February 2004
Arab music instituteArabic perspectives festival no.3
EgyptSextet for flute and strings quintet in C Major
*New arrangement for the Classical Chamber Symphony
Doaa Abderabbo Flute, Hosam Shehata Violin, Mohamed A. Saad Violin, Reham Mahmoud viola, Mohammed Salah Cello, Iman Mahdi Double-bass 

13 February2004
EgyptEgyptian Suite for cello and pianoMohammed Salah Cello Elena Dzamashvili PianoEgyptThe Bedouin and the Fortune-teller  for Piano SoloGazwan zerikly Piano
18 November2004
Small Hall of Cairo opera houseEgypt's eminent composer Jamal Abdel-Rahim
EgyptElegy for clarinet, bassoon and pianoDedicated to Jamal Abdel-Rahim
Mohamed Hamdy ClarinetAyman Abdelwahab Bassoon
Gazwan zerikly Piano

21 December2004 
Small Hall of Cairo opera houseNew Egyptian vocal music
EgyptBirth Certificate for soprano, alto, bass and Piano(text by Mukhtar Abu Ghali)
Nashwa Abdel-Aal SopranoMenna Bedier mezo-soprano
Hosam El-Ganayny Bass-bariton

4 February 2005
Small Hall of Cairo opera houseArabic perspectives festival no.4
EgyptElegyclarinet, bassoon and piano
Antuan Valerie ClarinetTamer Kamal  Bassoon
Elena Dzamashvili Piano

24 December2005
Small Hall of Cairo opera house Commemorates the eminent composer Jamal Abdel-RahimEgyptSorrow for Oboe SoloMossafa El-araby OboeDancing on dead bodies Trio for Violin, CelloMahmoud Mohamed Violin Shady Isaac Cello Elena Dzamashvili Piano
4 February 2006 
Main Hall of Cairo opera houseArabic perspectives festival no.5
EgyptDestinyConcerto for Bassoon and strings orchestra with Percussion
Cairo symphonic orchestraTamer Kamal Bassoon
Hisham Gabr Conductor

12 February 2006 
Small Hall of Cairo opera house Arabic perspectives festival no.5EgyptThe Mummy (Woodwind Quintet)flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn and bassoon
Cairo symphonic orchestra woodwinds ensemble Mohamed Hamdy Conductor

15 February 2006
Small Hall of Cairo opera houseGlobal-Interplay Forum in Cairo
EgyptDancing on dead bodies Trio for Violin, Cello and PianoThe music ensemble of State University of music, Stuttgart Julia Schautz Violin Christine Schwark Cello, Eun Sun Kim and Hans Christoph Bünger Piano

14 March2006
University of Arts, Berlin (UDK)Konzertsaal Bundesallee
GermanyDancing on dead bodies Trio for Violin, Cello and PianoLisa Lammel Violin
Stephan Heber Cello
Marc Tritschler Piano

23 July2006
Theater House, StuttgartNew world music festival
Musik der Jahrhunderte
GermanyWhitefor, flute, oboe, clarinet es, Bb one player, Bass Clarinet, Timpani, Bass-drum, gloconspeal, triangle, mortar, celesta, piano, string quartet and tape
Internationale Ensemble, Frankfurt Modern Akademie (IEMA) und Gäste ( Germany )15
Main Hall of Cairo opera houseArabic perspectives festival no.5
EgyptMartyr of invading Badr (Symphonic Poem for Orchestra) Cairo symphonic orchestraHassan Sharara Conductor

4 June 2006
Aboubakr Khayrat Hall, Cairo Conservatoire.EgyptThe Lonle one on another side of story (Strings Orchestra) Cairo conservatoire Chamber Orchestra

23 March2007
Bibliotheca Alexandrina- small theater. EgyptThe Lonle one on another side of story (Strings Orchestra) BA Chamber Orchestra.SHERIF MOHIE ELDIN Conductor

7 April2007
Red Hall2nd. International Festival of young musicians
KosovaThe Drunk One for mime ad-libitum and flute
Mina Karam Flute12 May 2008Easter art Center, chamber music hall, ShanghaiChinaEl-Haramlik Clipsfor string quartet
Lai Xin, Wang Siping Violins Liu Mo Viola Zhang Tong CelloWang Yan Conductor

31 August2008
Cselley Mühle
Oslip, BurgenlandAustriaAsphalt's womb
Octet for Clarinet Bb, Bassoon, F. Horn, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double-Bass and Video.
ZIEL 1 KUNST eu-art-network music ensemble Peter Forcher Clarinet, Timea Herics Bassoon, Zoltan Vass F.Horn Mark Szabo Violin, Julia Purgina Viola, Geza Szadeczky-Kardoss Cello Nicola Mayer Double-Bass
Gerhard Krammer Conductor